Nowadays every enterprise need to have a website to show their services and products.

There are tons of solutions to help enterprises to be on the web but too many are not accessible to their customers for different reasons :

  • website cannot be found using search engine like baidu, bing, google, etc.
    • use of pictures to show text content
    • not using the right way to name the pages, no standards, etc.
  • content is old, not updated or not pertinent
    • difficult for the employees of the enterprise to maintain the website, add or change the content
    • no standard way to manage the content
  • information is not in the right language
    • no possibility to write in a different language (i.e.: Chinese, Arabic, etc.)
    • when the website is in different language, the menus and the content are not the same
    • very difficult for the employees of the enterprise to know what is translated from what is not
    • cannot ask the translator to translate the website directly, so must have an integration job

Who we are

Ecliptik Solution is a web technology company based in Shanghai, China. We are specialized in multilingual Content Management System. Our goal is to make software that are easy to use yet powerful. We strive to provide the best solution adapted to your needs.